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Uber’s pioneering ride-sharing business has taken over the streets in the past few years. The success of the company’s formula is due to the fact that it provides riders with a way to arrange for a ride in an urban area on demand, using nothing more than a smartphone. Before that, the only way to get around in urban areas without hopping on the subway or a bus was to get a taxi. One of the defining characteristics of the ride-sharing company, and certainly what sets it apart from regular taxi companies, is that Uber drivers are not deemed employees of Uber. Instead, the drivers are considered independent contractors and they use their own cars. However, they do not undergo any specific licensing or training, unlike cab drivers. The latter is a significant reason why those in need of a ride should be cautious when using the company’s services. When riders use Uber, they are entrusting their safety to a driver who may not be particularly skilled. Other than peer reviews, there is no way to know how a driver operates the vehicle. Some reviews have claimed that the company does a somewhat questionable job of screening its drivers. Anyone is just as likely to get into a car crash as an Uber passenger as they are any other time they are on the road. So, what happens when a person is involved in an Uber accident in Arkansas, be it as a passenger or even another driver involved in a collision that is the fault of the Uber driver? If you were hurt in an Uber accident, call an experienced uber accident lawyer at Denton & Zachary, PLLC, serving the community of Conway, Arkansas.

Dangerous Driving Distractions and Uber Drivers

Most of us are aware of the dangers of using a phone while driving, but hands-free devices and even navigation systems can result in driver distraction. Uber drivers often need to use their navigation systems of phones to determine their customer’s destination, which can lead to them getting distracted when their eyes should be on the road.

Any activity that pulls a driver’s hands and eyes from the road or wheel is considered a distraction. The risky practices shown by Uber drivers can, therefore, lead to harmful, and severe accidents.

Some of the most common causes of Uber accidents on our roads include:

Lack of sleep – it used to be that there was no time limit imposed on Uber shifts. However, with reports of some drivers working more than 15 hours per day, there have been changes to the company’s policy.
Distracted driving – few drivers intuitively know where a passenger’s location is, and since the business is app-driven, many drivers spend a great deal of time on the app or dealing with their sat-nav.
DUI – it has been reported the driving under the influence is a problem within the ride-share industry, which can lead to deadly accidents.
Driver negligence – some drivers do not have enough years of experience behind the wheel to handle the responsibility of transporting passengers.
Poorly maintained cars – ride-sharing can certainly take its toll on cars, and regular maintenance of brakes and tires is crucial to ensure passenger and other road user’s safety.

What Should I Do After an Uber Wreck in Conway, Arkansas?

If a person is involved in a Conway, Arkansas Uber accident, that person should try to take note of everything involved, from the location and time to the circumstances of the incident. Take down the driver’s license plate number, driver’s name, get a copy of the driver’s insurance and license, take pictures of the damage, and collect anything else that can help a lawyer piece together the accident. If no one has called law enforcement, the victim should do so and should not rely on the driver to do it for anyone else. Should medical treatment be required, it must be recorded, and this may have to be done by a family member. This can be a very stressful time and it can be easy to overlook things that seem unimportant at the time. An experienced Uber accident lawyer will be able to help you sift through the wreckage and get to the heart of who is responsible for your injuries!

If a person is hurt or the car is damaged, the next best move is to contact an experienced Uber accident attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Uber accident lawyer can take the necessary steps to protect the plaintiff and his or her rights and prepare the case.

The important thing is not to be intimidated by the Uber driver or even the company. The company can be held liable by the law, just as any other business. Contact an experienced Uber accident lawyer before engaging in any negotiations with Uber or the insurance adjusters.

What are My Rights After an Uber Accident in Arkansas?

When a passenger gets into a rideshare car, they place their faith in the driver and the vehicle, trusting they will arrive safely at their destination. Sadly, these transportation systems do not always hire the most capable drivers, at leaves passenger’s lives at risk. If a passenger is involved in an accident, they have the right to seek fair compensation.

Who Is at Fault and Who Pays In the Event of an Uber Accident?

If another person is hurt or that person’s car is damaged, and the Uber driver is responsible for the wreck. The other person involved can take action and begin filing an insurance claim.

However, an Uber-related incident differs slightly to regular car accidents. For instance, Uber has independent contractors as opposed to employees as an attempt to limit, or potentially eliminate, its liability for any damages or injuries sustained in a crash when one of its contractors is at fault. Furthermore, Uber labels itself as a technology provider instead of a transportation service, which, theoretically, placed more blame on the individual contractors, making it harder for plaintiffs to file a claim against the actual company.

Therefore, the first person to think about when filing a claim is the Uber driver. The drivers do have cover under both their own car insurance policy as well as Uber’s per-ride policy. The per-ride policy covers up to an amount of one million dollars. But, the policy is relatively limited when the driver gets into an accident in between rides or when the driver does not have passengers in the car.

Can Uber Be Sued for Liability?

Uber has faced accident lawsuits and liability cases. In 2014, one family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Uber. It was the first suit Uber ever had to face and was the result of an Uber driver, who was in between rides, hit and killed a young girl. At first, the company’s representatives attempted to deny responsibility, but they ended up reaching a settlement with the family.

What Liability and Insurance Coverage Does Uber Carry?

By law, Uber, and all other ride-sharing businesses, must have insurance to cover damages should an accident occur, but how far that cover extends is sometimes questionable to many. Due to the finite details that surround insurance cover of rideshare companies, it can be tough to navigate the legal aspects of responsibility or liability. Uber holds $1 million liability coverage; however, drivers and passengers alike are only covered when the Uber app is on, and the driver is marked as “available,” which means that the app must display that the driver was working when the crash occurred and that the driver was carrying a passenger.

Since Uber considers its drivers to be independent contractors, they are protected from taking responsibility for the adverse behaviors of the drivers. The company does not implement stringent driving qualifications, and that further means that some of the drivers who work for Uber may well be unqualified and even unsafe. But, even though they are independent contractors, the drivers are required to have their own auto insurance coverage. This means that if someone is involved in an accident with an Uber driver, they may be able to seek compensation from the driver’s own insurance.

What Compensation is Available for Uber Accidents in Arkansas?

Any kind of car accident can cause significant trauma, leaving those involved with lasting physical and mental harm. If a person is hurt in an accident due to another company or driver’s carelessness, they may be able to seek compensation for:

Loss of income
Current and future medical bills
Property damage
Emotional trauma
Loss of future earning capacity should disability result
Pain and suffering

What Can an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas Do For Me?

A Uber accident lawyer can be a plaintiff’s biggest ally following a crash, especially so during the legally complex aftermath of an Uber-related accident. An experienced Uber accident lawyer will take on insurance companies that deny claims, claiming insufficient driver coverage, and they can go after the company itself, who is likely to do all it can to avoid paying out for an accident caused by one of its drivers.

By gathering the necessary evidence and negotiating with other parties involved in the incident, victims may have a better chance of winning their claim, while taking time to recover from their injuries. A skilled Uber accident lawyer may take witness testimonies, order police reports, and collect and review medical documents. If necessary, attorneys work with medical and technical experts to build a case that demonstrates the plaintiff’s injuries and property damage and prove the damages were due to the Uber incident. An experienced Uber accident lawyer that knows courtrooms and procedure will further determine your case and fight for maximum compensation.

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