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Social Security Disability

Little Rock SSDI Lawyer for Your Disability Benefits

When a disability prevents you from working or earning a livable wage, you need social security disability insurance (SSDI). This program allows individuals with qualifying disabilities to receive benefits through the Social Security Administration.

SSDI benefits provide insurance coverage as well as financial benefits to allow you to live a normal life when you are unable to work because of a disability. Your Arkansas SSDI lawyer can advise you on your right to SSDI and provide you the guidance you need for approval for the government program.

Getting approval for SSDI is a complex process that takes many factors into account. You need to prove the limitations of your disability and have worked enough years to earn systematic credits toward your SSDI coverage.

Working with a social security disability lawyer can make the process of securing SSDI coverage easier. A lawyer will understand the laws that govern SSDI in Arkansas and can help you get approval from the Social Security Administration for your benefits coverage.

Allow an Arkansas SSDI Lawyer to Help You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Qualifying for SSDI in Arkansas requires some careful effort on your part. Having an SSDI lawyer on your side during the process can help with the filing and approval process. Not every individual that applies for SSDI receives benefits as it is necessary to prove the extent and severity of your disability as well as your inability to work in any capacity that would prove meaningful.

To qualify for SSDI, you must have a disability that is approved and recognized by the Social Security Administration. Your disability may prevent you from working, but when not recognized by the administration, it is more difficult to secure benefit coverage. A social security disability lawyer can help you with these cases and work to establish the limitations of your disability with the Social Security Administration. They can advise on the steps you will have to take to receive approval of benefits and help you with the requirements that are outlined by the government for coverage.

You must have a disability that will last for one year or result in death to qualify for SSDI under the law. Temporary or partial disabilities do not receive coverage through SSDI.

Understanding Work Credits for SSDI Coverage in Little Rock

Part of the requirements for SSDI coverage eligibility includes earned work credits. These credits appear on a performance table that the Social Security Administration has put together. This table outlines the required number of work years necessary for SSDI benefits based on your age.

These work credits are part of a complex system that is difficult to understand. Allow your Little Rock SSDI lawyer to explain how these work credits affect your ability to receive SSDI payments and medical coverage.

When you have a disability that has prevented you from working your entire life, you, unfortunately, will not qualify for SSDI benefits, regardless of how limiting your disability is in your case. SSDI is only for individuals with a disability that have worked in some capacity during their lifetime.

If you have never worked, but have a limiting disability, you can qualify for social security insurance should you meet the financial requirements. An Arkansas SSDI lawyer can help you understand which program your disability qualifies for and help you with the filing process.

SSDI Coverage Benefits in Arkansas

Your SSDI coverage features both health insurance coverage and compensation payments. Your social security disability lawyer can help you understand the benefits you are entitled to for your disability and the advantages of the SSDI program. Through the Arkansas SSDI program, you will receive:

  • Medicare: Through SSDI, you will receive enrollment in Medicare. This government health insurance program will provide coverage for your medical treatment for your disability as well as any other medical care coverage you may need. Through Medicare, you will have coverage of your health costs, making it easier to afford your disability medical treatments. An SSDI lawyer can help you understand what your Medicare coverage entails and how it will benefit you through the SSDI program. Medicare benefits are provided two years after you have received SSDI coverage for your disability.
  • Benefit payments: You will also receive payments to help you pay for living expenses due to your inability to work because of the limitations of your disability. These payments will be calculated based on your average lifetime earnings. You will receive an approval letter from the Social Security Administration acknowledging your approval and stating your monthly benefit amount. It will also list your effective date and when you can expect to receive your first SSDI benefit payment. You will receive your first disability payment after six full months from the date that your disability began. A social security disability lawyer can calculate your SSDI payments and advise you when to expect your first payment.

Applying for SSDI Benefits in Little Rock

To apply for SSDI, you have the option of using the administration’s online portal or setting up an in-person interview at one of its offices. A Little Rock SSDI lawyer can help you with the SSDI filing process and ensure you have the proper documentation necessary to apply for benefit coverage.

When applying for SSDI, you will need the following information:

  • Social security number
  • Birth certificate
  • All medical care providers contact information
  • Date and location of all medical treatment
  • Medication name and dosage
  • Medical records from all treating doctors and facilities
  • Lab test results
  • Work summary
  • Most recent W2 form
  • Completed SSDI application

It is important that you file for SSDI as soon as you have a disability that prevents you from working. Approval of benefits is a lengthy process. There is a three-to-five month waiting period to process your application and benefits are not paid for this duration.

For the quickest way to receive SSDI benefits, you need to provide all the necessary documents required at the time you apply for coverage. An Arkansas SSDI lawyer can help you secure the medical records and documentation you need for your application to expedite the process of receiving SSDI coverage.

Denial of SSDI Benefits in Arkansas

If your request for SSDI benefits is denied, you have rights under the law to fight this decision. You need a Little Rock SSDI lawyer to file an appeal of your case. The Social Security Administration offers four levels of appeals for disability benefits – reconsideration, hearing by an administrative law judge, review by the Appeals Council and Federal court review.

To file an appeal, you need to provide the required form for contesting your SSDI denial to the administration within 60 days from the date of your denial. You can submit this form online along with the supporting documents you have for your disability case.

An SSDI lawyer can help you file an appeal and will represent you during your hearing appearance in front of an administrative law judge. They will present the medical information that supports your disability limitation and your inability to work. They will fight to get your SSDI benefits and continue the appeals process to the highest level to win your coverage under the program.

By having a social security disability lawyer on your side, you can reduce your chances of having your SSDI benefits denied, as most of the common mistakes made can be avoided if you are made aware of them in time. This can expedite your SSDI coverage and get you benefits sooner rather than later.

Working While Receiving SSDI Benefits in Little Rock

When approved for SSDI, you are allowed to acclimate back into the workforce. The Social Security Administration allows for a trial period with an employer that can allow you to test your ability to perform work responsibilities with your disability.

You will not lose your SSDI benefits if you test out a job role with an employer under the test trial period, as the administration encourages everyone who is able to return to the workforce. If the job position becomes permanent after the trial period, you will need to notify the administration about the change in your work status immediately.

An Arkansas SSDI lawyer can help you understand your rights to SSDI and when your benefits coverage starts and stops. They can help you avoid losing your benefits and help you through the challenging system of securing benefits through the SSDI program.

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When denied SSDI benefits for your disability, you need a social security disability lawyer that can help with the appeals process. The Little Rock SSDI lawyers at Denton & Zachary can help you with the appeals process for SSDI. They will represent you at your hearing and work to build a case the supports your disability claims so you receive the SSDI benefits you deserve. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation.