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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment can occur anywhere you look. But, when it happens in the workplace, you may not know where to turn. If your manager or boss is making sexual advances toward you that make you feel uncomfortable or limit your ability to advance your career without giving into their suggestions, then you deserve to seek justice for your pain and suffering.

While the laws for sexual harassment in Arkansas are specific on how to handle sexual harassment in the workplace if your employer is not responding to the offending behavior, you must get the help you need to make it stop. A Little Rock sexual harassment lawyer can help you to fight for your right to be comfortable in the workplace and get the sexual harassment to stop so you can move forward from this complicated time in your life.

The state of Arkansas follows the federal law that prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, citizenship status and genetic makeup. It also has state laws in place that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and genetics.

The federal law establishes that companies with 15 employers or more must follow the guidelines that were established in the Americans with Disability Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, and Title VII. Companies with 20 or more employees also need compliance with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

If you work for an employer with four or more employees, you are protected against discrimination by the Immigration Reform and Control Act. All companies must follow the Equal Pay Act. In Arkansas, there are also regulations governing companies with nine or more employees under its anti-discrimination law. An Arkansas sexual harassment lawyer can help you understand which laws protect you against sexual harassment and determine if you have a case that needs legal action.

Arkansas Sexual Harassment Lawyers That Are On Your Side

When sexual harassment happens, it can be difficult to make it stop. You aggressor may not understand that their behavior is inappropriate or how it could affect your overall well-being. Regardless of whether they understand the gravity of their actions or not, an Arkansas sexual harassment lawyer can help you take legal action against the person that has discriminated against you as well as your employer.

It is your employer’s duty to address sexual harassment when you report incidents of this behavior. The law requires that you follow these steps prior to taking legal action.

First, you must tell the person that is harassing you to stop. Use both verbal and written communication, so it is clear to them that they are behaving in an inappropriate way that is preventing you from doing your job or making you feel uncomfortable in any way.

When telling your harasser to stop does not put an end to the sexual harassment you are experiencing, you need to notify your employer of the inappropriate actions that are taking place. Your employer is responsible for stopping the behavior and improving your work situation. Follow the company policy your employer has in place to report sexual harassment. If your company does not have a formal sexual harassment policy in place, you need to still notify your manager or human resources department of the incident. The law requires that you report the sexual harassment incident to your employer before you take legal action to notify the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Always ensure you document the incident and all the events surrounding the sexual harassment discrimination. This should include who harassed you, when it happened, what was said, as well as any other witnesses to the inappropriate behavior. This will prove valuable when building a case against your aggressor. It is also important that you do not leave this documentation at your workplace where someone could find it and destroy your evidence. Keep your notes at home and away from prying eyes.

If you have reported the sexual harassment to your employer and they have taken no action to correct the behavior, you need to report the events to the authorities. In Arkansas, this means notifying the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They will determine if an investigation into your claims will happen and advise you on the measures that they will take based on the claims you present.

If the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determines no action is necessary, you have a right to file a civil suit in a court of law, and a sexual harassment lawyer can help you with your case. It is necessary to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before filing a lawsuit. Your Arkansas sexual harassment lawyer will help you understand the steps you need to take to get to the civil ligation stage against your harasser. You have a right to file a lawsuit against the person that was sexually harassing you as well as your employer for failing to correct the behavior.

It is imperative that you follow these steps to ensure that your lawsuit is valid in court and to prove that you took every measure available to you to stop the sexual harassment that was taking place. A Little Rock sexual harassment lawyer will guide you through the reporting process and help you formulate a case against your employer for their failed actions. This will allow you to get the justice you deserve in your case and most importantly make the sexual harassment stop.

Types of Sexual Harassment in Little Rock

There are two types of sexual harassment that you should be aware of in the workplace. Quid pro quo harassment typically occurs when a supervisor initiates sexual favors or conduct that suggests a change in your job status. They may threaten that if you do not comply with their sexual suggestions, that you will lose out on a promotion or receive a demotion.

The other type of sexual harassment is hostile work environment harassment. This type of sexual harassment occurs when physical or verbal behaviors are sexual in nature and affect your working conditions or the environment. It can make it difficult for you to perform your job duties or create an abusive environment that makes it hard for you to come to work each day.

Both types of sexual harassment are punishable under the law, and an Arkansas sexual harassment lawyer can advise you on the penalties that your aggressor may face. They will help you understand the law as it relates to your sexual harassment case and guide you on what legal actions to take for your sexual harassment claims.

Penalties for Sexual Harassment in Arkansas

The penalties for sexual harassment in Arkansas vary from a misdemeanor to a felony charge, depending on the claims in the case. Your aggressor could face jail time and be subject to fines as well as penalties that could include psychological counseling if the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission finds them guilty of sexual harassment against you.

The court may also order no-contact with you whether it is direct or indirect. If your harasser chooses to violate this order, they will be charged with a second sexual harassment offense. They could also lose the opportunity to be on probation or parole and return to jail for their sexual harassment crimes.

Your Little Rock sexual harassment lawyer can provide you with details on what type of sentencing your aggressor is facing. These penalties are in addition to the damages that you are allowed to seek in your sexual harassment civil suit against them. Your Little Rock sexual harassment lawyer can help you determine the damages in your sexual harassment suit, so you are fairly compensated for the inappropriate conduct that you endured from your harasser.

A sexual harassment lawyer will work with you to develop your case and investigate your claims even when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has denied them. Your Arkansas sexual harassment lawyer will take the time to speak to witnesses and find out if there are any other individuals at your job that were also harassed by the same aggressor.

You can count on your Little Rock sexual harassment lawyer to be by your side during your court case. They will walk you through the legal process and prove the claims against your harasser. They can fight the defenses that sexual harassers use such as free speech, unintended consequences and that they were just kidding or bluffing when they said the sexually aggressive remarks to you. Your sexual harassment lawyer knows how to fight these defenses and get you the settlement payment you deserve for the emotional suffering you endured while at work.

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Sexual harassment can happen in any environment. While workplace harassment is the most common, it is not the only place where it occurs. If you are experiencing sexual harassment at school, work, or anywhere else, a Little Rock sexual harassment lawyer can help you with your case.

When subjected to sexual harassment, you need an Arkansas sexual harassment lawyer that can fight against your harasser as well as your employer if they deny your claims. The Little Rock sexual harassment lawyers at Denton & Zachary will get you justice in your case and make the harassment stop. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation.