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Highway construction zones are some of the most dangerous areas on the road.


Highway construction zones are some of the most dangerous areas of the highway. If safety guidelines are not strictly followed, dangerous conditions can occur. When a contractor begins a highway construction project they must obey the clear rules pertaining to the design and execution of highway improvements, as well as statutes for how to maintain the work sites themselves. Many times, however, construction companies bend or break the rules in order to get the job done faster. As such, construction zone accidents are not always the fault of a driver. Sometimes, it is how the area is set up or a workers negligence that causes the incident. Lack of warning signs, or poorly marked zones can cause a driver to suddenly get confused and side swipe another vehicle, hit a concrete barrier, or collide with a piece of construction equipment.



Slow-moving work vehicles that have improper or missing warning lights may not be seen until it is too late for the traffic driver to slow down. Often, dump trucks and similar equipment will back into the road in order to turn around or move the vehicle. Although traffic is expected to stop, it may not always be that easy. Also, high-intensity work lighting may be directed into the eyes of oncoming drivers, leaving them temporarily blinded and only guessing at what is in front of them.



Determining fault in construction zone traffic accidents requires an attorney that has the resources at hand to thoroughly investigate—and experience dealing with—these specific cases. The lawyers at Denton & Zachary have been involved in some of the biggest verdicts in Arkansas for highway construction wrecks. Whether you were a passenger in a car or construction worker working on the job site, if you have been hurt on an Arkansas roadway due to highway construction, Denton & Zachary can help you.