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18 Wheeler truck wrecks are some of the most severe accidents that happen on the road. These wrecks can cause life-changing injuries for the people involved.


When deciding whether to hire a truck accident attorney, keep in mind that the trucking company is already at an advantage. Unless they just recently came into business, they have years of experience defending such claims. Unlike you, they have a risk management department that is committed to ensuring the least amount of money is paid to you and that the company’s reputation stays intact. They also have attorneys readily available to defend such claims. To come anywhere near leveling the playing field, an attorney may be necessary.



In any serious accident, it’s important to carefully choose your representation. You want someone who will ensure that you receive the best possible outcome given your circumstances. Denton & Zachary has represented many people injured because of the negligence of trucking companies. We know both the big things and the little things that go into investigating and litigating 18-wheeler truck wrecks.



If you or a family member has been injured in an 18-wheeler or auto accident, Denton & Zachary can help and will start working on your case and collecting evidence immediately. There should be no mistake about this point. The trucking companies and their agents will be quickly investigating and defending against any responsibility. Those injured or killed due to the negligence or fault of a large 18 Wheeler or commercial vehicle must have experienced attorneys and experts fighting for their rights.

Contact Denton & Zachary today. Consultations are free. Our firm covers all litigation costs, and you and your family will never get any bill from us. We get paid only when we win your case.